Welcome to the Ridley College Online Enrollment site.

Important notes when completing your contract:

•Please use the information provided in your emailed letter to log into your contract.

•Personal information – please review and update as you see necessary

•Link to our current years Financial Guide http://www.ridleycollege.com/fees

•Submitted Contract and 1st payment due March 1st, 2021

•Accepted payment methods will be emailed to you once we have received your contract.

We are here to help, if you require any assistance please contact Rhonda Corris-Collee at 905-684-1889 ext. 2312 or e-mail Enrollment@ridleycollege.com.

Change of intention:

•If you need to change your enrollment status after your contract submission your notice of withdrawal must be provided in writing to Business Office by June 15th

•Please visit the Student Withdrawal section of the Financial Guide for details surrounding your financial obligation and refund policy.